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A new employee’s first day with the company presents a tremendous opportunity for employers to make a first impression on that anxious, enthusiastic individual. This opportunity is important and should be treated as an event. An event that should be planned with attention to the details. And HR professionals know there are details!

The beneficiaries of such planning will be the new employee and his/her family and mostly the organization. This experience will set the tone of the culture that you want to foster.

Is it organized? Fun? Caring? Professional? Or is it unprepared? Sloppy? Disorganized?

Getting in the way of the ability to spend time on this planning are the administrative duties and transactions necessary for you to be in legal compliance with his/her employment. Are you finding it hard to be a people-person when you feel more like a paper-person with so much more to give?

There are too many vendors, too many logins and too little time.

Too little time to plan that new employee arrival. Too little time to educate employees on consumer-directed health plans. Too little time to introduce the new generation of benefits (financial wellness, student loan, employee discount programs, telemedicine, robust employee assistance programs). And too little support from vendors.

If you have visions of a new HR – a totally-integrated, strategic HR… one with fewer logins, a single point of contact for onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, enrollment, COBRA, 401(k), time and attendance, employee communication and education, then take action today.

Turn your vision into reality with us. Help your employees today and they will be raving fans tomorrow. And you can prevent a future exit interview.

Call Forhan Solutions today to free yourself up to focus on your culture, your employee’s experience and engagement.

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