About the Founder

“I believe that by truly caring for employees and helping them in their work and personal lives whenever possible will return the culture you desire and loyalty in your best people. I bring technology and people solutions that help you help them. Individually.

– Mark Forhan, Founder of Forhan Solutions

Mark Forhan was born and raised in St. Louis (Belleville) and graduated from St. Louis University. He worked through college for a large retailer. Through this experience and many others, it was enlightening to see different management styles and how those different styles affected people’s lives.

After graduation, Mark entered the field of employee benefits, which suited him well as he uniquely found a way to positively impact people’s lives.

Treating people right at all levels of the organization has guided him in creating unique business solutions that truly help the best people beyond a paycheck. The return on investment in added loyalty and productivity is great for all.

It will make you the Employer of Choice.

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